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DSM is an abbreviation for the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. It is an American handbook which lists the different categories of the mental disorders and provides the criteria for diagnosing them. This is a type of classification of the mental disorders which are used by doctors, researchers, scientists and psychologists. It is also used by insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies and policy makers as well.  The DSM was released in 1994. The classification in the DSM is based on Axis and pertains specifically to the categories of clinical disorders, personality disorders, general mental conditions, psychological and environmental problems and the numeric level of functionality for tan individual. Acute stress disorder as well as anxiety and agoraphobia are included in the DSM as well.

The DSM IV TR is a text revision of the DSM IV which was released in 2000. The goal of the DSM IV TR was to update the research add literature to be included in the code as well as to maintain the old currency text. As a result the changes that are depicted in the DSM IV TR are mostly constrained to the text only. Aside form this certain changes were made to the criteria sets in order to correct the errors previously made and identified though ICD 9 C.

The main components of the DSM IV TR include ADHD disorder, clinical disorders, cognitive disorders, mental retardation as well as personality disorders. The diagnostic codes in DSM IV TR have been identified as being most clinically relevant. In this three, four and five digit codes are used for the disorders in this category having a direct relation with the clinical practice.

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