Sample Essay

During the World War II the planning of the cities and estate took a second priority with most of the personnel in America being recruited as soldiers and being sent to remote areas to combat in the military. This decreased the availability of both funds and human resource which could be devoted to the development of the urban regions. as a result most of the parts of urban areas likeNew Yorkturned into Slums.The sewage and water treatment plants were not efficient, the cleanliness and infrastructure of municipality was usually botched and the people living in these areas were making them look like squalor. Moreover after the world war when the army returned toAmericait had to witness degradation and increased pollution in the region. In the years following the war in the 1960s and the 1970s as well the setting of the urban regions had not improved. However as part of the revolution movement in the 1970s the public started taking interest in developing their communities and striving for a cleaner e and safer environment in the cities. This led to regeneration of the slum regions and an overall development of the urban areas and their municipalities to become more active and suitable to the lifestyle and requirements of the people.

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