Sample Essay

The alternative perspectives to development at work inIndiapertain to the dependency perspective, the gender perspectives and the ecological perspectives. Local companies and social groups have taken opposing viewpoints on the subject of development with some willing to reform while others ready to revolutionize.

Indiais often perceived as being a poor and devastated country that can be categorized as undeveloped but the country has developed vastly with significant investment in the telecommunication industry, information technology (Chandra et al, 2006). There exist obstacles and threats to development in India. Some of which pertain to the reforms like high level of dependency in the region, gender based issues, ecological issues of globalization and revolutionary like radical feminism, radical ecology and anti-colonialist sentiments making it difficult for companies to operate.

Dependency inIndiahas always been high with one bread earner in the family of 8-12 people. Researches have highlighted that the dependency inIndiais not based on the dependency of the children and the older people as 40 percent of the population aged above 60 is active in the workforce. The increasing dependency is being incurred due to the high level of the adult aged population 15-39 being unemployed (Bhagat & Unisa, 2006).

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