Sample Essay

The primary data collection that was performed for this project took the form of interviews which were supported by questionnaire based surveys. The human resource management personnel at the company were interviewed through email as well as in personal after getting appointments from the management. A questionnaire was developed listing the various questions that needed to be asked at the interviews. These questions were inquired form the Lehman Brothers HR management. In addition a questionnaire based survey was also circulated amongst the current as well as the ex-employees of the company who had recently been let go. The responses of the survey were received through email. The gathered information was then analysed using subjective as well as objective strategies of analysis.

Some of the current employees as well as the ex-employees of the business had negative sentiments about the company and grudges against the company due to the ill performance of the company which led to its bankruptcy and the endangerment of their jobs and careers in the financial sector specific to investment banking and capital management. As a result their responses to the questions were also often sarcastic and heavily laced with contempt which had to be filtered through.

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