Sample Essay

The second article that has been selected is by Daniel Griffin and is titled, Is Virtual Virtue in Scholarship. The article is based on the study conducted on students at theUniversityofSheffield. It highlights the difficulties and challenges being faced by the students in terms of their scholarship due to lack of proper skills and incomplete information literacy. The focus of the article is towards improving the scholarship of the students and the ineffectiveness of the virtual medium in terms of the practice of information literacy.

The author argues that while the internet and the information technology have enabled the students to access information more readily and conveniently, the students have lost their skills of finding the best resources available, and citing the resources in the proper format.

“Students need an incentive really to develop their information literacy and ability to cite. In any subject, if you have teachers who are challenging and forcing students to do their own research work, providing feedback on whether they have cited things correctly and synthesized the material, then the students are going to develop their skills better.” (Griffin, 2007)

Griffinclaims in the article that the students need to be taught how to practice the information literacy that they have in order to take advantage of the changes taking place in the information and technology environment.Griffinalso states that by doing so the students would also be able to develop their reading and writing skills as well as increase their knowledge.

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