Sample Essay

The four areas that Daimler Chrysler would need to standardize in order to effectively deploy and use the Fast Car technology include standardization of the design process, the standardization of the procurement  process, standardization of the documentation for equipment and the standardization of communication within the company as well as with its stakeholders.

      Standardize the Design Process: The design process needs to be standardized in order to ensure that everyone who has access to the Fast Car option can read the resultant design and comprehend the data. Proper standardized placement of the designed sections of the cars will need to be set for the car designs along with a useable legend or key for those having low level of technical knowledge about car design.

Standardize the Procurement/Order Placement Process: The procedure for placing orders for equipment, and parts will need to be standardized so that all the connected suppliers and company representatives can follow the same process to place orders and fulfill them accordingly. This will reduce wastage as well as the time taken to place orders and receive shipment for the parts. Moreover the management would be easily able to understand all the orders that are being placed instead of following different order placement procedures for different suppliers.

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