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The chapter pertaining to ‘Cultural Citizenship as Subject Making’ focused on the issue that cultural citizenship in America takes place when the subjected racism is replaced by cultural fundamentalism. The process of cultural citizenship was identified as being a transitional process where the citizenship is attained when the migrants are able to relate themselves to the American society.The chapter was able to establish that the migrants have different socio cultural experienced depending on the funds and finances available to them however the first two phases of the transition are the same. These pertain to ideological blackening or whitening and consumer power. Ideological whitening,/ blackening takes place when the migrants tries to fit in with either the whites in the region or the blacks. They tend to adopt the culture of these groups and start associating and behaving like them. The consumer power of the minority however relates to influence and power the immigrant minorities can exert over the economy and the different industries.


Aside from this it was also provided that the richer immigrants tend to enjoy western democratic power and freedom whereby they are able to adjust much more quickly and smoothly in the American society. However the poorer immigrants have to struggle much harder and are usually faced with conflicts form the internal immigration management agencies. Moreover the degree or racial criticism experienced by these two parties also differs with the relatively well off immigrant not having to face as much racial criticism as compared to their poorer counterp

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