Sample Essay

The controller for the Fast Car system from the perspective of Daimler Chrysler would be a person who would be responsible for interacting with the various parties and stakeholders using Fast Car, as well as providing support and access rights to them.

The controller would have access to all aspects of the Fast Car system in order to ensure fluid operation, look out for maintenance as well as perform reviews. The important duties of the controller would include the following:

Ensure fluid and undisrupted communication between the stakeholders of the company and Daimler Chrysler. This role is crucial as the controller would be overseeing the needs of the stakeholders in order to build relationships with them. Additionally the controller will also be responsible for creating documentation on the Fast car option and preparing reports on the initiative to provide to the management for review of the efficiency and success of the Fast car

The Controller will have to be knowledgeable about the system based, software based as well as the technical barriers that can be faced by the stakeholders and the Daimler Chrysler company using Fast car. The controller will have to work towards solving these issues relating to these barriers in order to ensure proper distribution of control.

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