Sample Essay

The advancement of communication technology, particularly those related to internet, wireless communication networks as well as intranet and extranet based networks has made management of security for these networks an essential aspect. People have started to rely on technology and the above mentioned communication networks for personal as well as business related purposes.

This has formed a virtual society of sorts which is connected by the telecommunication based network systems. “In today’s technologically advanced world, computers play a dominant role. No matter you are at work, in studies at college or school, or just enjoying a leisurely time in your home, it is certain that you may either switch on your computer or any other related state of the art devices. The importance of computer is further enhanced by increased usage of the internet.” (WJaegel, 2008)

Particularly when it comes to business organization, the management of networks and their security is of crucial importance as it deals with the process of creation of information as well as the sharing and dissemination of information throughout the organization. The increased dependence of the people on the networks as a result demands a better security system for safeguarding the systems against internet as well as external threats. Therefore it is important to maintain the networks in terms of their health and quality while also protect the networks form application layer attacks, viruses, and spoofing. This is where network security comes in to play its role of safeguarding telecommunication networks and its related resources.

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