Sample Essay

The commercial vehicles inPakistanlike the rickshaw, buses and taxis have started to convert to LPG in order to take advantage of the low prices/ cost offered by the alternative fuel. Moreover the industry inPakistanis also employing infrastructure to set up LPG compatible equipment for employing LPG as a fuel base for their operations pertaining to production and manufacturing. The consumer usage of liquefied petroleum gas inPakistanpertains to the usage of its cylinders for cooking at homes and restaurants. The LPG product is increasingly becoming popular in those regions ofPakistanwhich do not have the availability of fuel resources like a gas pipeline or firewood.

            As mentioned earlier the production of LPG products was initiated inPakistanin 1966 by Burshane Company which has now become Shell Gas LPG (Pakistan). Although at the time of commencement of the production the product of LPG was thought of as a byproduct of petroleum and natural gas and was not utilized as a fuel, however the scarcity of fuel available and the rising prices of crude oil and forced countries to develop and search for alternative methods of fulfilling their growing oil and fuel requirements,. In such conditions LPG has been able to come of as a petroleum base product which emits less pollution and is able to provide the am functionality as the petrol fuel and natural gas.

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