Sample Essay

Rob Sherman Sr. and his wife Bunny Sherman are acting as plaintiffs on behalf of their minor son Rob Sherman Jr. to sue the Church of Divine Light. The Law sui9t is being charged on the basis that intentional torts were conducted by the Church of Divinity which the family wants to be compensated for with charges against the Church of Divine Lightand monetary reward for the financial losses and emotional distress caused by the Church.

Rob and Bunny Sherman claim that their son Rob Junior was deceived and tricked by the Church of Devine Lightto attend their regular meetings. In the ensuing weeks the Church made enforced attempts to keep the child away from the parents and his house by initially making excuses for not allowing the child to go home. However when these did not prove effective in the long term, the Church made visible verbal threats to Rob Jr. with the statement “If you leave, you will be thrown into the eternal fires of Hell, and you will not be allowed back.”. The child gave in to the threat and remained with the church for the next 6 months and sent his parents a letter explaining requesting monetary funds for his expenses for staying with his ‘new’ family the Church. After almost six months the parents of Rob Jr. took actionable steps to meet their son and forcefully bring him home where he was kept under careful supervision until the effects of brainwashing wore off.

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