Sample Essay

Some of the companies that provide network security solution and support include companies like Verizon, Verisign, SAP, APC by Schneider Electric, App Assure Application Assurance, Arc Sight Inc., Bit9 Inc, Bitpipe, Blackberry, Blue Coat, Bradford Networks, Breach Security, Cisco Systems Inc, Core Security Technologies, elQnetworks, Fidelis Security Systems Inc., Flowerfire Inc., VUPEN Security, Vodafone, Intel, Juniper Networks, HyTrust, GFI Software Ltd, McAfee and Motorolla.

Most businesses tend to comply with the regulatory policies, procedures and standards for network securities however the regulatory issues occur when the network becomes venerable to threats and security is easily compromised. Some of the regulation breaches that compromise the network security pertain to inception whereby the confidentially of the resources and the data is comprised on the network, traffic analysis through which the confidentiality and the anonymity on th network is challenged, interruption which raises issue of lack of availability with denial of service and modification and fabrication that effect the data integrity and the authenticity of the data on the network respectively.

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