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Similarly a TEACCH-based home intervention program was launched for young autistic children to determine the effect it had on reducing the impact of autism through treatment at an early age. This research also involved dividing the children into two groups, in which one was provided intervention with treatment while the other was held as a control group with no intervention taken. The results were analyzed by comparing the “Psychoeducational Profile- Revised (PER)” (Ozonoff & Cathcard, 2004).

This research also revealed that the group that received the treatment for autism at an early stage depicted enhanced development in the autistic children in the experimental group as opposed to those who were held in the control group. This depicts that by spotting autism early on, and performing early intervention where developmental as well as behavioral treatment can be provided to the children, the autism level in the children can be restricted. In addition to this the patients can also be conditioned to overcome their neurodevelopment issue through these therapies and treatments of early intervention

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