Sample Essay

“Aladdin, better known for its AV software, displayed a prototype of the BioDynamic Reader. This consists of a mouse with two tiny pads — one for each of two fingers — that the user touches to register and gain access. The device builds a profile based on electrophysiological signals captured from the user. The BioDynamic Reader is scheduled for release sometime in 2007. Another unusual product, the BioPassword, measures the user’s keystroke speed and typing style.

A new user has to type in their password about a dozen times to build a keystroke profile. After that, the user just types in their user ID and password and the system “knows” who is typing by their keystroke style. If it’s someone other than the registered user, access is denied. The BioPassword can be fine-tuned and adjusted by a system administrator, as needed.” (Dubin, 2006)

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