Sample Essay

This paper takes into account two print articles which basically depict how women are portrayed in the advertising media. The subject of diversity relating to feminism and the representation of women in media has been a debate for a long time now however these articles are different in their focus towards the role of women in the media.

The articles that are chosen for the purpose of this paper are ‘Ads are from mars, women are from Venus’ by Anthony Vagnoni and ‘Objects of desire’, by Kim North. Both the articles address the issue of stereotyping women and how they are represented in a sexual role in the media. The article by Vagnoni focuses on how the advertising world is clueless about addressing the needs of the females and ends up misrepresenting them in the wrong roles. This article focused on establishing the fact that women are 80 percent of the consumer for household products however the advertising that they are targeted with is very stereotypes depicting them as inferior members of the society who need to be protected by a man. Aside from this the article also stated that most of the ads that concern consumer products tend to depict women in a sexual context in order to increase the attractiveness of the and to increase the prompt for their sales.  The article by North also targeted the same topic and states that the sexism in the ads tends to degrade women and depict wrong connotations for them in the society. The author in this article was clearly able to depict that the sexism towards females in the ads can be variant in nature ranging form violent, humorous and subtle to even blatant in nature.

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