Sample Essay

The Gestalt therapy has been mentioned in literature as being effective but complex for the therapists as well as the clients. IN order to practice the therapy, the therapists are reduced to practice on themselves due to lack of volunteers available. Moreover the complexity of the technique has also led to the therapy becoming obsolete amongst the therapists. Despite the complexity, the effectiveness of the technique has provided some significant venues to us to target in human behavior through Gestalt therapy.  “Although the Gestalt school fell out of favor due to its descriptive rather than explanatory nature, it permanently changed our understanding of perception.

For the radiologist, such fundamental Gestalt concepts as figure-ground relationships and a variety of “grouping principles” (the laws of closure, proximity, similarity, common region, continuity, and symmetry) are ubiquitous in daily work, not to mention in art and personal life. By considering the applications of these principles and the stereotypical ways in which humans perceive visual stimuli, a radiology learner may incur fewer errors of diagnosis.” (Koontz & Gunderman, 2008)

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