Sample Essay

“The ultimate aim of Gestalt therapy is to assist the client in restoring (or discovering) his/her own natural ability to self-regulate as an organism and have successful and fulfilling contact with others (environmental others), as well as with disowned aspects of oneself (internal others). That allows one to be able to cope creatively with the events of one’s life and to pursue those goals which seem good and desirable to one self. Through awareness of and experimentation with bodily sensations, emotional responses, desires, and cognitive assumptions, the clients’ range of choices about how they live their lives, especially how they engage with others and themselves, will be enhanced.

The question of foremost interest is HOW a person is creating his/her life in a certain way not WHY they came to be as they are. Accepting someone’s experiential validity is key rather than manipulating occurrences and outcome.” (Kirchner)

Essentially the Gestalt therapy is focused on what is happening with a human organism as opposed to what should be happening. The investigation of the matter in the psychotherapy is for the instantaneous reactions of the client, emphasizing what effect the contact with relations and stimuli in the environment has on the human organism. The process of the Gestalt therapy is that of awareness though which perception feelings and actions are comprehended and analyzed.  These elements are forcefully regarded as separate from the elements of interpretation, explanation and judgment based on previous or old attitudes. The goal of the Gestalt therapy as mentioned above is to enable to client to realize what he/ she is doing and become aware of how they can influence the environment, regulate themselves to change their actions. As a result the decisions they make are based on the current status of the environment and the situation, instead of the history which leads up to the action being taken by the client. This is an advantageous technique for drug abuse, alcohol abuse and couples counseling.

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