Sample Essay

The advantages of the technology used in the ProTerra LED lighting bulbs include the fact that it can be powered using small and mobile batteries. Aside from making use of electricity, this technology can also be powered by using alternative sources of energy light solar energy. Aside from this there is additional control; embedded in the fixtures and lighting fittings making them much more safe. The small size of the components and the protection provided through safety procedures makes them resistant to the elements of then nature as well like water, high winds and high levels of vibration.

The products that are proposed for use in this business plan are unique as they can be used in a wide range of sectors. Industrial sectors as well as commercial office based and residential sectors can use the lighting products using the LED technology produced by ProTerra. The benefit of these products is they can be fit into any regular residential and commercial use fixtures and fittings, making them widely applicable for lighting carious regions. Additional costs for changing the fixtures do not need to be incurred by the consumer which makes them more appealing and user friendly. The lighting can be used in the street lights for parking lots, for use in offices and stores as well as for lighting highways. Moreover it is also feasible and affordable for users to replace the products provided by ProTerra as they have minimal waste and disposal costs.

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