If Marsha uses this theory she should be able to exercise her rights and those of the students. As a teacher she has the right to be supported by administration and parents this means that management of the child should be also the responsibility of these two parties. Therefore the re-education of the parent on the importance of following up on their children’s discipline. This is a long term goal as it will require more time and continued follow up activities.  Another long term goal would be the continued motivation of the students and more so the “infidels.”

The advantage of the democratic theory is that it promotes motivation of the students and gets them involved in the management of discipline. This approach is also able to identify the underlying problems that are causing students to have deviant behaviors or mistaken goals. The disadvantage of this theory is that too much democracy can lead to uncontrolled classroom behavior as the students assume too much power. Considering that this class has been known to have “infidels” that are in control of the classroom, Marsh should use make sure she has established discipline through assertive means. The advantage of being assertive is that this will help establish the basic rues to be followed in the class.

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