Sample Essay

Ecommerce is one of the largest and fastest growing business mediums which is receiving extensive support in the form of an exponentially increasing market being routed to the internet and the world wide web. Initially was only the consumers and the customers of a business that were seeking product and service providers online however now the trend has shifted towards the business seeking out other businesses that can provide them with the required products and services. E-commerce and e-business provide the business with the opportunity to establish a mutually beneficial relationship which can result in an increase in the profitability and the market for the business.

The adaptive strategies that are currently used for B2B applications pertain to electronic procurement, electronic catalog management systems as well as B2B marketplaces. These are some of the applications which facilitate commerce and trading between business to business based relationships and customers. Electronic procurement is an ecommerce based internet application by which business can interact with each other through a designated platform or on the public marketplace and can place orders for their raw materials through the internet. This enables the business to increase the efficiency of its time and costs for the procurement process. Similarly the electronic catalog management systems use pertain to the shopping cart style portals through which the business advertises and places its products and services on sale on the internet through a catalog. Its business customers can access the portal and conduct EDI based transaction for the product/ service that they require. This again provides the selling as well as the buying business with operating efficiency.

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