Sample Essay

You have been asked to give a presentation describing the safety issues associated with the loading carriage and discharge process of a fully cellular container ship.  Write a set of short notes for your presentation.

A full cellular container ship is the shipping vessel which stores the cargo in the form of containers. These containers are loaded onto the ship in its strongholds in side the ship as well as on top of its decks. There are specific parking spaces for the containers to be settled in for transportation. The FCC ships do not transport any other cargo aside form that which is stored in containers. “Abbreviation: FCC. A vessel specifically designed to carry containers, with cell-guides under deck and necessary fittings and equipment on deck.” (‘Fully Cellular Containership’)

Despite the popularity of the fully cellular container ship, this specific ship also suffers from dangers of improper cargo management especially at the time of loading ad unloading of the cargo form the vessel. The freight carrier has to carry the cargo in the form of the containers; as a result it can carry a versatile form of cargo. The specific safety issues that pertain to the fully cellular container ship deal with the total amount of weight that can be carried by the ship. This is important as overloading tends to damage the cargo as well as the ship, and aside form this can also hinder the transportation of the cargo in terms of speed. Overloading can also cause high costs of repairs and maintenance for the ship during its journey as well as after the fully cellular container ship has docked at the destination port. Other safety issues that need to be kept in mind pertain to the centre of gravity of the container and the ship. This important as the performance of the ship in terms of its reliability at speeds is dependent on the floating capability and the centre of gravity of the ship. The loading and unloading procedure should also taking into account the placement of the containers in the fully cellular container ship to provide for a balance float of the ship. A non spatial distribution of the cargo can also hamper the centre of gravity for the fully cellular container ship.

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